DAR.fm is a service that lets you record radio stations and shows so you can listen whenever you like. Please browse the site to find some radio to record. Then send me your feedback. I want to hear from you. -- MR


Step-by-Step: Downloading your DAR.fm recordings


After you've recorded a show using DAR.fm:
  1. Download and install the free app "DAR Radio Downloader" on your Android device. Launch the app.
  2. Enter your DAR.fm account login info and click Sign in.
    NOTE: It's easy to mistype email address or password on a small device. If you get "insert error here" then please re-enter your email address and password taking extra caution.
  3. Select Menu > DAR.fm to view your list of scheduled recordings from which you can download.
  4. Under the Scheduled / Downloads tab, recorded shows will be listed for download. Select Options to change downloading preferences including how often to download and whether to use wifi or 3G.
  5. Under the Scheduled / Recordings tab, select a show and click Play to begin listening to your downloaded recordings. You'll next see the player that includes buttons that allow you to pause, fast-forward or skip ahead as you listen.
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