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live radio onlineLooking for a Radio Talk Show? You came to the right place

DAR.fm is the radio for PC solution that let's you save almost any radio talk show and play it whenever you want from any of your mobile devices.

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DAR is short for "Digital Audio Recorder" an online radio recorder that enabless you to play back radio talk shows at your convenience! Just like your digital video recorder (DVR) works with television DAR is a DVR for your radio; you can tune into any radio station on your PC. DAR can be scheduled to record radio shows or stations which interest you. Once recorded you can listen from a PC, laptop, smart phone, internet radio or other device. You don't have to leave your computer turned on. Once a schedule is setup, then DAR.fm is directed to store the material at your direction and will capture the recording at the prescribed time.

As soon as your radio talk show is recorded and stored it is available for listening. For live music stations this happens in about 10 minutes from start of the recording. For talk shows they are recorded in multiple parts of 15 minutes each and after about 30 minutes the first part will be available to listen to online.

DAR.fm gives you 2 GBs of free storage to record your talk shows. This is enough to store approximately 100 hours of material. However, it depends on whether the material you're recording is talk or music - you may be able to store more or less. If you need more space you can go pro.

Also, check out our iPad Radio App or our Android Radio App.


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